This vine and walnut-studded 20+ acre parcel are nestled between the eastern slopes of Mount Konocti, (a dormant volcano – 4,305 elevation) and the southern shores of Konocti Bay on Clear Lake. Clear Lake is possibly the oldest lake in the world and the largest lake in California. This Lake County property thrives within a classic Mediterranean climate with four distinct seasons. The 4 bedroom, 3 bath, three-story strawbale house is surrounded by 11 acres of fenced wild chaparral forested land, 5 acres vineyard, 3 ½ acres walnut orchard, and approximately 1-acre garden/heirloom fruit orchard. The property is 3.1 miles from State Hwy 29, off Soda Bay Road. It enjoys the easy county road access, yet remains very private. All utility lines for the property are buried, allowing for unobstructed views.  All roads on the farm are hard-packed dirt. They are easily passable in the winter, muddy only in the greatest of storms. The domestic water source for the entire farm is a 340 foot deep well located near the fruit orchard.