The fenced garden space (100 ft x 40 ft) has been worked organically for 24 years. The soil has been built to provide maximum production. It has stone-raised beds, chipped paths and is fully irrigated. There are 14 varieties of figs that define the garden space. The greenhouse can be used for seed starting in the spring and in-ground production over the winter. The night-shades such as tomatoes, eggplants and pepper do extremely well, as do melons, squash, and other varieties that needs sun and heat. Greens and brassicas grow best in fall through spring.

The fully irrigated and cover-cropped fruit orchard is primarily heirloom apple varietals. There are also several stone fruits such as cherry, peach and apricot trees. The orchard provides a bounty of fruit for fresh eating, juicing, canning and drying.