The vineyard is in its 19th leaf. The five acres of head-pruned zinfandel are partly visible from the road, and form a romantic entrance to the property.  The unobstructed eastern exposure allows the morning sun to penetrate the vines early. Mt. Konocti, to the west, plays the defining factor in terroir, providing a once chaparral covered slope, now home to the vineyard. During the longest days of summer, Mt. Konocti creates an extended evening shadow, protecting the fruit from the harsh western sun. The hottest days are always followed by cool nights, with temperature swings of 40 – 50 degrees.  The volcanic geology has forged gravelly, red clay loam. The soil has been further improved through years of organic practices including compost additions, routine cover cropping, manuring, and application of minerals.  The site and cultural practices allow for production of up to 20 tons of consistently high-quality fruit.  The vineyard has been organically certified for 10 years.